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View reports from past scholarships and study tours

Download Reports from 2011 and earlier

2011Chris LyneFlood Management and Drainage StrategyDownload Report
2011Katherine O’ConnellClimate Change & its Impacts on Council’s InfrastructureDownload Report
2011Peter RobertsonReuse of storm water - to supplement
potable water system and aquifers, through
roof water harvesting and aquifer storage
and recharge
Download Report
2010Raj ManiharClimate change mitigation and adaption for council’s infrastructure/property services and building resilient communitiesDownload Report
2010Marcus Van EnkAdvancements in Civil ConstructionDownload Report
2010Paula GardinerDevelopment and Delivery of
Public Works
Download Report
2010Phil JeffreyProcurement and Delivery of Public WorksDownload Report
2010S B AbeykoonStormwater ManagementDownload Report
2009David FrickeSustainable DevelopmentDownload Report
2008David SutcliffeShared Space and Naked IntersectionsDownload Report
2008Nick MazzarellaEnvironmental Sustainable Design to Achieve Carbon Neutral TargetsDownload Report
2008Justin HinchStormwater Reuse Infrastructure & Effects on Stormwater Reuse Infrastructure Due to Climate ChangeDownload Report
2008Philip WarnerImpact of Infrastructure Investment by State Government on Council Assets and Asset Management PlansDownload Report
2008Michael Ellis Minimise the Impact on Climate Change of New DevelopmentsDownload Report
2007Mauro Covacci Asset Management & Project Management for delivery of Capital Works Programs Download Report
2007Jane WaldockMature Driver Behaviour Change Programmes in the United States of America, Sweden, Denmark & the Netherlands Download Report
2007Daniel Kollmorgen International Experiences of Pedestrian Safety Download Report
2007A. P. RijsPlanning for: the Redevelopment of Former Landfill Sites and the Establishment of Alternative Waste FacilitiesDownload Report
2006Doug BradbrookInternational Road Safety Initiatives Recommended for Consideration by Victorian Local GovernmentDownload Report
2006Mark VarmalisRoad Safety
An International Perspective
Download Report
2005David PowellBest Practice & Innovation in Public Works Download Report
2005Peter AumannIntegrated Stormwater ManagementDownload Report
2005Chris SfetkidisIntegrated Water Quality Management Download Report
2005Anne GibbsBest Practice Management of Aging Infrastructure AssetsDownload Report
2005Alan West Integrated Stormwater Quality Management ‘A Value for Money approach for Victorian Councils’Download Report
2005Michael McGladeIntegrating Water Sensitive Urban Design Into New SubdivisionsDownload Report
2004David Beard, Dimitri Scordalides, Greg Scott, John StampFuture Directions In Alternative Waste TechnologiesDownload Report
2003Claude CullinoSolace Study Tour 2003Download Report
2003Peter Mc LeanReview of the status and trends in best management practices for stormwater quality.Download Report
2003Thomas KuenA Systems Approach To Knowing Your AssetsDownload Report
2003Danny EatonWorkplace Culture And ProductivityDownload Report
2003Karl BarkerAsset Management in Local GovernmentDownload Report
2003Garfield D’Costa, Mark Varmalis, Ray Weber, Roger WoodlockAustralian Study Tour 2003 Download Report
2002David Richardson Recruitment and Retention of Engineers In Local GovernmentDownload Report
2002David Hannah
The 2002 Municipal Engineering Foundation Study Tour To Canada, The United States & England Download Report
2000Garry J HealyStudy Tour To The United Kingdom And United States Of AmericaDownload Report
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