2003 – 2005 Awards Program

2005 Overseas Study Tour Scholarships

National Overseas Study Tour to United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Hong Kong

Anne Gibbs, Manager Capital Works and Strategy, City of Boroondara
*Topic:Best Practice Management of Aging Infrastructure Assets *

David Powell, Corporate Manager — Operations, Bayside City Council
*Topic: Communication and Community Consultation for the Public Works Engineer *

Overseas Study Tour to United States of America and United Kingdom. The selected engineers attended the APWA Congress in Minneapolis, MN, USA in September 2005 and then participated in a tour for a further two weeks within USA and UK to study the topic of ‘Integrated Water Quality Management’.

Michael McGlade, Manager Roads Development, Wyndham City Council
Topic:Intergrating Water Sensitive Urban Design into New Subdivisions

Chris Sfetkidis, Client Services Engineer, Manningham City Council
Topic:Integrated Water Quality Management

Peter Aumann, Director Infrastructure Services, Monash City Council
*Topic:Integrated Stormwater Management *

Alan West, Team Leader Engineering Design, Kingston City Council
Topic:A Value for Money Approach for Victorian Councils 
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2004 European Study Tour

The Municipal Engineering Foundation Victoria (MEFV) supported a tour by the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) to visit a number of waste management facilities in Europe to allow participants the opportunity to study best practice trends and new developments in the industry.

The following members of IPWEA (Vic) participated in the tour:

John Stamp, Project Management, Manningham City Council Greg Scott, Assets Manager, Mitchell Shire Council David Beard, Director Infrastructure Services, City of Greater Bendigo Dimitri Scordalidies, General Manager Infrastructure, Benella Rural City Council

On completion of the tour, participants attended The International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) world congress on waste management in Rome, Italy.

The study tour theme was Best Practice Trends and Developments in Waste Management Systems.

A report from the tour titled Future Directions in Alternative Waste Technologies has been distributed to all local authorities throughout Australia.

2004 Overseas Study Tour Awards to USA, Canada and UK

An award was made available to the following member to attend an IPWEA National Study Tour within the United States and United Kingdom. The tour included the APWA Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in September 2004.

David Richardson, Manager Engineering & Environmental Services, Casey City Council
Topic:Recruitment and Retention of Engineers in Local Government

2003 Overseas Study Tour Scholarships

The following members travelled to the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The tour included the APWA Congress in San Diego, California, USA in August 2003 and visits to authorities in USA/Canada and UK to research topics as indicated in their reports shown.

Danny Eaton, Manager Services, Service Delivery, Hume City Council 
Topic:Workplace Culture and Productivity

Thomas Kuen, Infrastructure Services Division Manager, Monash City Council 
Topic:A Systems Approach to “Knowing Your Assets”

Stephen Howe, Senior Manager Infrastructure Operations, Latrobe City Council
Topic:Investigation of Risk Based Prioritisation of Works Programs

Peter McLean, Manager Assets & Development, Cardinia Shire Council
*Topic:Water Sensitive Urban Design *

2003 Overseas Study Tour to New Zealand

The following member attended the Ingenium Conference in Hastings, New Zealand in June 2003 and undertook visits to a range of Councils on the North Island over a two week period to research his study topic.

Karl Barker, Asset Manager, Wyndham City Council
Topic:Asset Management – An Assessment of the Level of Planning and Implementation

2003 Overseas Study Tour to United Kingdom

An award was made as part of an IPWEA National Overseas Study Tour, to support the attendance of the following member at the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) in Edinburgh in October 2003 and then to visit local authorities in Scotland and England.

Claude Cullino,Director City Development, Manningham City Council
Topic:Best Practice

2003 Australian Study Tour

The following members were selected to participate in a program designed to support ‘young engineers’ and undertook a study tour within Australia during July 2003 prior to presenting to the IPWEA National Congress in Hobart in August 2003.

Ray Webber — Wellington Shire Council
Roger Woodlock — Manningham City Council
Mark Varmalis — Yarra Ranges Shire Council
Garfield D’Costa — Yarra Ranges Shire Council

To read a detailed report of the findings of the Study Tour select:
Review of the Current and Future Role of Municipal Engineering in Australia