2000 – 2002 Awards Program

2002 Overseas Study Tour Scholarships

Awards to travel to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom were made to the following members who also attended the APWA Congress in Kansas City, Missouri.

Michael Edgar, Asset Management Engineer, Latrobe City Council 
*Topic:Best Practice Strategies to Minimise Public Risk in the Management of Roads and Footpaths *

Ian Mann, Group Manager, Engineering & Infrastructure, Knox City Council 
*Topic:Risk Management with Asset Management *

David Hannah, Manager Engineering Services, Greater Bendigo City Council 
*Topic:Beyond Non-feasance *

Further awards were provided to three engineers of IPWEA (Victoria Division) to visit New Zealand in June 2002. Members attended the New Zealand Ingenium Conference in Queenstown and undertook a further two weeks of study with New Zealand Councils.

Sebastian Pitruzzello, Project Engineer, Hume City Council Topic: “Assets – Building Maintenance, Capital Works”

Andrew Smith, Design Engineer, Greater Bendigo City Council Topic: “Asset Management”

Guy Wilson-Browne, Director Engineering, Maroondah City Council *Topic: “Best Value Partnerships in Engineering” *

2001 Overseas Study Tour Scholarships

In September 2001, the following engineers attended the APWA Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania prior to undertaking study tours within USA and UK.

Penny Gale, Director Best Value Services & Infrastructure, Maroondah City Council
*Topic:Best Value and the Triple bottom Line *

Peter Waite, Customer Services Engineer, Manningham City Council Topic: “Best Practice in Stormwater Management”

Craig Cinquegrana, Manager Infrastructure Planning, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council *Topic: “Public Consultation for Engineering Services” *

2000 Overseas Study Tour Scholarships

In September/October 2000, the following engineers attended the APWA Congress in Louisville, Kentucky and visited UK for a further two weeks to study the topics indicated.

Jon Aujard, Divisional Business Manager, City of Greater Bendigo *Topic: “Best Value – How Does it Effect In-house Business Units?” *

Garry Healy, Director Planning & Asset Development, Mildura Rural City Council 
*Topic:Best Value Organisational Structures *

Malcolm Styles, General Manager CivicNet, Wangaratta Rural City Council *Topic: “The Culture of Best Value in Local Government Governance and Service Delivery – Applied to Road Maintenance?” *